2017 NKF Battle at Shuri Castle

2018 AAU Karate Regional Championship

2018 NKF Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

2017 Budo Classic

2017 NKF Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

2019 NKF Battle at Shuri Castle

2017 Budo Classic

2017 AAU Fall Invitational

2016 NKF Battle At Shuri Castle

2018 AAU Karate State Championship

2017 NKF National Karate Championship

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2016 School Fall Championship

2018 NKF Battle at Shuri Castle

Here at Mason Martial Arts Academy, we participate in both NKF (National Karate Federation) and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) tournaments.  While it is not a requirement of our students to participate in competitions, we do encourage participation for the experience and education of the sport.  

Students can compete in one or all of the following tournament categories: 

Kubodo (weapons), Kata (form), and Kumite (sparring).  

This page is dedicated to the history and celebration of our dojo's competition involvement and achievements.  

2019 NKF East Coast VA State Championship

Competition History


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