Mason Martial Arts Academy                                    

                   Age Group                 Belt Level                                      Days/Time

                      7+      Intermediate & Adv (Green+)                             Mondays & Wednesdays 5:15-6:00pm &

                                                                                                                          Friday 5:50-6:35pm

                     7 +             Introductory   Karate                                        Mondays & Wednesdays 6:05-6:50pm

                    15+            Adult Karate Beginner to Novice                  Mon, Wed   7:00-7:45 Fri. 6:45-7:30                                  15+          Adult Karate Intermediate to Advace         Mon, Wed 7:50pm-8:35pm Fri 6:45-7:30

                    7-9              Novice  Youth Karate                                    Tuesday ,Thursday   5:00 - 5:45pm                                                           (Gold-Purple) Ages 7-9                                      Friday  5:50-6:35pm

​                    10+           Novice (Gold -Purple)  Ages 10+                     Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:50-6:35pm

                                     & Intermediate Youth (Purple-Blue) Ages 7-12     Friday 5:50-6:35pm

                   7+            Black Belt                                                                Tuesday 6:40-7:25pm

Learn Self-Defense

Self-Esteem and Personal Achievements

Self Confidence

Schedule of Youth Classes

Arm your child with the many benefits that will last a lifetime.

  • Better coordination, balance and agility that will help them in other activities.
  • Self confidence that will help them make the right decisions.
  • The ability to protect themselves.
  • Experienced instructor that has the patience and ability to help your child learn.
  • Personal attention that pays off in the form of quick progress.
  • Structured programs that gives your child reachable goals.
  • Most of's FUN!!

Martial Arts Is Great For Children

932A South Church Street



Our unique and educational children’s self-development program offers a lot more than just kicking and punching.  Martial arts will teach your child the values of knowledge, traits of persistence, responsibility and respect.  It will help give your child the self-discipline to study, the confidence to ask questions and an increase in concentration which produces better grades in school.